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Q. Are there different finishes available?

A. Yes! The track comes in Satin Anodized (silver) or Powder Coated White.

Q. What if I want to paint the track?

A. Use the satin anodized finish - it's receptive to all types of paint.

Q. Is the track pre-drilled?

A. No, because the hole spacing depends on the type of wall construction.

Q. Is it easy to install?

A. Yes, a basic handyman job (with instructions and hints available).
There are detailed directions HERE.

Q. Can you hang more than one picture on each hanger?

A. Yes, as many as you like but check these maximum weight recommendations:

Clear Tape System:

Recommended weight on the hanger is 15kg (33lb). You may hang several pictures on one hanger.
Recommended weight on one hook is 10kg (22lb).

Stainless Steel Cable System:

Recommended total weight on one cable is 30 kilograms (66lbs). You may hang more than one picture on each cable hanger. Recommended maximum total weight on one hook is 20kilos (44lbs).

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