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There are three styles of hooks all serving an individual purpose.



(for Stainless Steel Hangers only)

This hook is the feature of our system and our most recommended option

With easy tool-free operation you simply push the button on top to slide the hook to a new position.

Release the button for a vice-like grip which will hold up to 20 kgs. It's designed so that the wire on your frame sits right against the stainless cable. This means the hook sits vertically instead of leaning over at an angle as some other brands do. The hook itself is slim enough to fit into small "D rings". We believe it's the best designed hook available!


(for Clear Tape and Stainless Steel Hangers)

Our standard hook has been around since 1991 and will be for a long time yet.

The hook locks into place with an Allen key. Weve added a bright yellow moulded handle to the key, more comfortable to use and harder to lose.
This hook will hold up to 20kg (NOTE -the 15kg weight limit of the Clear Tape Hangers)


(for Stainless Hangers Only)

How to beat snatch and run art theft - It takes only seconds to snatch a picture off its hook and run. It"s a crime that depends on speed so we've designed a hook that won't let the picture go.

Our new Ultra Security hook has a stainless steel locking plate which springs into position so the picture is held captive. The hook can't be opened unless you know the technique. We've been asked to solve this problem for gallery owners and public buildings such as hospitals and have had an excellent response to the design.



Standard Hooks for the Plastic or Steel Cable - Pack of 10

Standard Hooks for the Plastic or Steel Cable - Pack of 10

These hooks may be used for either the plastic cable or as a more economical hook for the stainless steel cable.   They are secured in place using an allen key (supplied with the pack)
Push Button Easy Adjust Hooks - Pack of 10

Push Button Easy Adjust Hooks - Pack of 10

Hanging pictures has never been easier. This hook is what makes our system simply fantastic! It will make adjusting and positioning your pictures a total breeze. Simply press the button on top of the hook and slide up or down...
NEW Ultra Security Hooks - Pack of 10

NEW Ultra Security Hooks - Pack of 10

**New Design** Designed to beat "snatch and run" art theft. Snatch and run art theft is common and difficult to stop.It only takes seconds to snatch valuable art off the wall and run out the door. Our new Ultra...

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