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Picture Hanging Hints


Correct hanging of artwork is about maximising your viewing pleasure. Properly hung artwork combines concern for the safety of the artwork with the aesthetic concerns of lighting and visual placement.



Effects of Lighting

Care should be taken to hang the artwork in an area where it will not become damaged by heat, ultra-violet light or humidity. Hang your artwork out of the line of direct sunlight. In sunny environments, or in areas that are lit with fluorescent lighting. Conservation UV filtering glass is essential for valuable artworks! Never hang your valuable artwork over a heat source or in an area that will be high in humidity (such as a steamy bathroom).


Correct lighting for pictures and artwork is essential to achieve maximum viewing pleasure. Spot lighting can dramatically enhance the overall aesthetics of the room that the artwork is displayed in and the artwork itself.


Hanging Height

Your artwork should be hung at the eye-level of the average person in the room. If you are hanging the art in a room where more time is spent seated than standing, eye-level should be lower. Hang smaller, more detailed pieces in small spaces such as hallways and corridors, where impact is less important than content and the artwork can be enjoyed up close. Larger, 'atmospheric' pieces require more room for the viewer to stand back and enjoy. Hang these pieces opposite the entrance to a room or at the end of a corridor.


Framed Sets

Unless you are striving for an eclectic antique shop look, groupings should look as though they belong together. Select frame styles that are compatible and matting styles that will work well together and create a balanced, unified look to the group as a whole. Spacing is an important element in grouping. Each picture should be placed not too far from nor too close to each other.

The most commonly recommended way to create balance in a grouping is to lay the entire layout on the floor. This will allow you to get a sense of how the grouping will look on the wall, allowing for adjustments and accurate measurements. Also you should align the top or bottom of the various pictures in the group. This is easily achieved with our Picture Hanging System.


Hanging Hardware

Ensure you use proper hanging hardware.

The load that can be placed on the Picture Hanging System is determined by the number of fixings that you create and, of course, the material of the wall itself. Correct application and screws should be used dependent upon whether you are fixing the rails to plasterboard, timber studs, or plaster. Consult your local hardware store for proper advise if you are unsure.

When hung correctly, you will be able to sit back and enjoy your artwork for many years to come!

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