Australia's easiest and smartest way to hang pictures !



This is, by far, our best selling and most recommended system.

It is smart and requires no allen keys or other devices to adjust the hooks

You will require three components for your Stainless Steel Cable System:

  • Track

    - Strong aluminium in anodized or white finish. It screws to the wall at picture rail height. or within a few centimetres from the ceiling height.
    The track is available in 2 and 3m lengths.

  • Stainless Steel Cables

    - Stainless steel cables give a smart modern look and offer exceptional strength. The diameter of the cable is only 1.2mm so they are vertually unobtrusive.

    The stainless steel cables are designed so they can be fitted into the track or removed at any point along its length rather than sliding into the end of the track. This means less need to disturb other works when displaying or moving pictures.

  • Easy Adjust Push Button Hooks

    - The adjustable hooks slide onto the Stainless Steel cable. They slide up or down the cable and lock in place using a convenient push-button lock.


  • Standard Hooks

    The standard hooks are more economical. They fit onto the Stainless Steel cable and slide up or down the cable.Instaed of the push-button lock. they require positioning by tightening with an allen key (supplied)

As the Clear Tape and Stainless Steel cable systems use the same track it's possible to use the two in combination.

How strong is the system?

Recommended weight on one cable is 30kg (66lb).

You may hang several pictures on one cable.

Recommended weight on one hook is 20kg (44lb).


Stainless Steel Cable System Instructions

First feed the wire cable through the track slides as shown.1.


Tilt the track slide to insert into the underside of the track.


Straighten the track slide so it sits level in the track.


The Hanger is now captive and ready for the hook to be fitted.