Australia's easiest and smartest way to hang pictures !





This system is designed so as the hangers blend into the wall colour. 

The hanging straps are made of semi-transparent tape.

For this system, you will require the following components:


  • Track -
    Strong aluminium in anodized or white finish. The track simply screws to the wall at picture rail at either normal picture rail height or at a centimetre or so from the ceiling The track is available in 2 and 3m lengths.

  • Hangers -
    Clear tape hangs from the track and supports the pictures. The hangers slide easily in the track.

  • Adjustable Hooks -
    The hooks fit onto the hanging tape. They slide up or down and lock in place using the key provided in the pack.













How does the tape fit into the track?
Clear Tape System









The hanging strap comes in a 30m roll with10 locking capsules. You simply cut off the length you need, fit the end into the locking capsule and slide the capsule into the track. The capsule is designed to lock the tape in place - in fact, the more weight you hang on the tape, the harder it grips!


Why are the hangers in tape form?
Two Reasons: -

Firstly, the tape gives a wide area of grip so the hook won't slip.

Secondly, the tape won't twist - so the hook always points to the front ready to accept the picture. The clear tape takes on the colour of the wall, so it's unobtrusive.

How strong is it?

Recommended weight on the hanger is 15kg (33lb). You may hang several pictures on one hanger.
Recommended weight on one hook is 10kg (22lb).




 Clear Tape System Instructions



Pull tape from dispenser pack and cut off required length. Feed tape up through slot in the locking capsule and then back down through the same slot to form a large loop.
IMPORTANT: The short end must be to the front of the capsules as shown or the locking action will fail.



Swing the locking bar through the loop (A) of the tape as shown and press fully down. Pull long end of tape (B) down to tighten the loop over the locking bar.



Fit the capsule into the track as shown with the locking bar to the front.



Fit hook to the tape as shown.



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