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To create maximum effect and enjoyment from your artworks, correct lighting is absolutely essential.

With your new gallery hanging system, low voltage light wands simply and easily lock onto any position along the same track that hangs your art.

A flat power cable fitted into the top section of the track carries 12 volt current along the track from a transformer.

The light wands can be adjusted and repositioned as many times as you require. 

Because this system places the lamps much closer to the art, low power 20 watt lamps are all you need.

This means low electricity bills and low heat emission. The 12 volt current is also completely safe to handle.

Q: Are the globes included with the Light Wand?
A: No, please purchase the number of globes you require seperately.

Q. How many lights will run off one transformer?
A. 300VA transformer will run 12 x 20 watt lamps.

Q. What length of track can be fed by one transformer?
A. Generally 50 feet. The power input to the track should be near the
center of the total length of track. Low voltage will not travel long
distances the way 120 volt power does.

Q. Do I need an electrical contractor to install the system?
A. You are not legally obliged to use a licensed contractor with low
voltage systems. Simple installations can be done by a handyman,
but if in doubt use a contractor.

For any work on 120 volt wiring you must use a licensed contractor.

Q. How does the current reach the lamp?
A. Sharp probes on the light wand penetrate the cable in the track to make contact.

Q. How do I carry the power around corners?
A. The power cable bends around the corners. Special corner covers fit
over the track to hide the cable.

Q. Are the lamps adjustable vertically?
A. Yes. The lamp slides along the curved stainless steel rods so you can aim the
light anywhere from 24 inches below the track down to the bottom of the wall.

Q. Can the lights damage artwork?
A. No. Providing that the correct lamps are used. Poor quality lamps can
cause problems of excess heat, which may cause damage or excess
ultra violet light, which may fade colors. The only lamp that we know of
guaranteed as suitable for art, is the “Precise Constant Color” lamp by G.E.
These lamps are used in major public galleries. We cannot over-emphasize
the importance of using the correct lamp. The average life of this
lamp is around 6000 hours, or roughly 2 years of normal use.

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